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I Broke down and Glued the Sarado on My Kendama


About a year ago I was doing furi-ken tricks in the living room with a Shin Fuji, and the sarado part (the big and small cup crosspiece) flew off the ken, trailing behind the ball, which smashed into the glass coffee table.
The glass was thick, so no harm no foul. But mom banned the kendama from the living room after that.
I got a tiny wood screw, the kind that go to a point and have the heads that are angled down, and in the string hole used for left-handers I screwed the screw to keep the Shin Fuji in one piece. Not pretty. But it works.
I hadn’t had that problem so much with Oozoras and TK16 Masters. They do come loose from time to time, but not so often, and you have plenty of time to notice it and tighten them up.
Well, fast forward to now. bestkendama.ro has these Ooozora style kendamas that are made from different wood and are unpainted. I got a pair of them, the Keyaki and Enjyu. They’re really nice looking, because of the wood. They aren’t painted, so tricks like lighthouses are a little harder (but, hey, I need more challenge). But there is one thing: the sarado comes off easier, like with the Shin Fuji.
Now, it’s not as bad as the Shin Fuji. As you know if you have all the models, the Shin Fuji string doesn’t go through a hole in the ken, so if the sarado comes off it goes flying away with the ball. But with the Oozoras and the TK16 Masters, the string is held onto the ken through a hole, so the sarado just slides along the string and bumps into the ball. No glass tables being broken.
The Keyaki and Enjyu are made by the Oozora guys, so the string goes through the hole.
But it’s still annoying to have the sarado slip off so easily. It happens the most with the Keyaki, but also with the Enjyu. So I broke down and glued the sarado on the Keyaki with some Elmer’s. Just a tiny bit was enough. I think I’ll be able to get it off easily if the string needs replacement later on. It took my mind off the problem, so I just did the Enjyu also.
Other than that I love these sweets kendamas, and the points aren’t getting bashed up like with the normal kendamas.

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