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The Kaua`i Native Plant Society (KNPS)


The Kaua`i Native Plant Society (KNPS) was founded in 2002 by a group of committed individuals with diverse backgrounds. KNPS is housed under the non-profit Garden Island Resource Conservation & Development, Inc.

KNPS seeks to build the connection between people and place, and to conserve and propagate those plant species that define our island’s native heritage.

Kaua`i has the highest number (383) of single-island endemic plants in the Hawaiian Islands. One of KNPS’s most important organizational goals is to provide outreach and education to the community of Kaua`i in order to generate support for conservation organizations working to save our island’s imperiled flora. Knowledge and appreciation of these species reveals the urgency of protecting these disappearing resources. No other organization on the island fills this critical need of engaging the general public in the conservation of Kaua`i’s plants.

KNPS serves the entire community of Kaua`i by providing activities through which community members can learn about our unique native heritage. Kaua`i Native Plant Society’s activities include educational programs, field trips, native restoration, out-planting projects, seed and plant exchanges, and native plant propagation demonstrations.

KNPS activities have included:

  • Educational lectures by highly respected botanists
  • Ongoing endangered plant conservation service project
  • Restoration service projects
  • Native plant hikes
  • Display booths at fairs and festivals
  • Native plant nursery and garden tours
  • Hawai`i’s endangered plants exhibit at the U.S. Botanic Garden in Washington D.C.
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